Unusual Methods To Combat Self-Harming [Part 3]

In the third part of the Unusual Methods To Combat Self-Harming series we shall look at 4 more ideas to distract yourself from self-harming including an unbelievable idea I discovered just last week. I have problems with self-harming, I must admit, but when my delusions are not involved I can usually control myself with the ideas written on my blog. So here we go…

This is the end product of the challenge (note: I haven't done it myself, but might do soon)

This is the end product of the challenge (note: I haven’t done it myself, but might do soon)

1. Cutcake Challenge
Such a great idea! I found it on the Childline website but apparently it has been on the internet for a while. Basically, on day one if you do not self-harm you will write “C” where you self-harm. Day two, you write “U”. Day three, “T”, and so on. After 7 days without self-harming you will have “CUTCAKE” written where you self-harm which means you have gone 7 days without self-harming. That would be amazing! The first day will be hardest, but when you go to self-harm and see the letters to should remind you not to. The only problem I can see is that after 3 days you will have “CUT” written, which is a problem if your self-harm method is cutting. Maybe you should just write “cupcake” instead.

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2. The Happy Box – Depressionless Edition
I recently read about an idea some people try called The Happy Box. I have decided to adapt it a little, so I call it The Happy Box – Depressionless Edition. Grab a shoebox (or any box with a lid). Now fill it with items that made you happy; photographs, poems, stories, music lyrics, soft toys, jewellery, flowers, names of friends. Keep the box in your room (I am presuming you self-harm in your room). Whenever you are sad or want to self-harm, get the box, close your eyes and take out one item from the box. Use the item to remind yourself why it makes you happy. Happy memories will make you happier, try it!

Yeah, just some of my maths books.

Yeah, just some of my maths books.

3. Research A New Topic
Wikipedia and google (other search engines are available) are your new friends. Learning about something new will distract and engage the mind, and you will be proud of your new knowledge. You don’t have to research extensively or pick a hard topic such as calculus (I don’t find it hard but it has a reputation). Just read around something you don’t know about, it may change your perspective on life. I shall give you a few ideas; venomous spiders in your country, the life of Siddhartha Gautama, Grammy Award winners, how to survive an apocalypse. Turn something you know nothing about into something you want to know more about.

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4. Movie Night
The two times I self-harm most regularly are when people say bad things to me and at night time. Being alone in a quiet place like your bedroom will just cause you to think more about your problems, and you are likely to blame yourself. Invite some friends round (make sure they bring popcorn) and put on a movie. A comedy will keep you happy all night, an action movie will keep your brain engaged, a horror might bring you and your friends closer. Some might call it a sleepover but The Man Code rule 38 forbids sleepovers where the guy to girl ratio is above 2:1, so we shall call it movie night. The only negative to this idea is when everyone forgets about the snacks.

And that concludes this post, we have now reached 12 different ideas on how to combat self-harming. Surely you have enough ideas now to help yourself. Whether I create a fourth part to the series depends on whether I can find 4 more ideas that most people don’t know or think about. Do you have a great idea? Share in the comments below.