New Year Blogging Resolutions For 2015

The new year is approaching, and it is time for everyone to make their new year’s resolutions. I have made some personal one’s but there is so much I want to do on my blog for next year that I have decided to share them with you. I may have mentioned one or two in a previous post but here I shall go through each one and explain them. Thank you readers for a great year (well I started in December, so thanks for a great December), and I hope you stick around for 2015!


Reach 10000 Views
I mentioned this in one of my earlier blog posts. If people are viewing my blog then it must be good, right? If I aimed for 1000 views a month it would not be too hard to achieve, and 1000 views does not seem like a lot. Okay, so I got around 850 views this month however this is my first month blogging so I’m sure it will improve. If you want to help out, check out some of my past posts from this month.

10 Guest Posters On My Blog, And I Do 10 Guest Posts
So I haven’t done a guest post yet, I don’t exactly understand how they work yet either but it sounds interesting. Spread my amazing writing to other blogs, while all of my readers get the perspective of another writer. Sounds cool. I do have a contact page if anyone is interested in me guest posting on their blog, or if you want to post on my blog (if my cat could write a better post than you I will probably say no, so I’ll check out your blog if you contact me).

Publish A Book Of Poems Or Short Stories
Well, I have written several poems for my blog and you may have read them. As the year goes on my poetry writing skills will get even better and hopefully some will be good enough to publish. Either that or I will write some short stories and publish them (I have so many ideas, it is whether I can turn them into quality writing). Who knows what will happen, maybe I will try both.

Click here for my most viewed poem, “Soldier Soldier Fighting Your Battle”

Succeed With My Planned Petition
So I have mentioned this before without telling you what the petition will be about… and I did say you will have to wait until 2015 to find out what the petition is about. It is related to mental health as well as suicide. That is all I will tell you for now, you will just have to wait. I won’t just do one post and forget about my petition, I will keep pushing until I succeed or until everyone convinces me it is a bad idea. Note: It is not a bad idea.

Give Help To Everyone Who Needs It
I know how hard depression can be. I haven’t experienced other mental illnesses but I am sure they are just as bad (some are probably worse). Anyone who asks for help through the contact page or by commenting on a post will get help from me. That is my promise to all of my readers, I am here for you. I will also be doing more helpful posts (like these – and more) because I know there are people reading them and receiving help from them.

Click here for my help article on methods to combat self-harming.

What else? I want to start earning money from blogging (first to help with publishing my book, then to support me at university). I want to make sure I release regular posts, 3 a week I hope. I want a lot, this post could be 10000 words long if I wrote about everything I wanted for my blog. What about your blogging resolutions, have you made any? Here’s to 2015, I wish it to be successful.


P.S. I have a crazy idea about doing a whole post in Spanish, not sure if I’m loco for trying though.

Paper Hats and Shameful Jokes

As promised, a special Christmas poem for all of my readers. I must admit my blog can get depressing at times but this will definitely cheer everyone up. I hope your Christmas is going great for those who celebrate it, mine is going better than expected (which doesn’t mean perfect – I won’t talk about it today – remember guys, stay happy)! I will end up rambling on if I don’t give you to poem, so here you go…

Paper Hats and Shameful Jokes
Eight o’clock, time to rise,
Run downstairs, big surprise,
Large presents, Christmas tree,
Open up, it will be?

Paper hats, shameful jokes,
Turkey cut, cheerful blokes,
Crackers set, wine glass full,
Family round, now we pull,

Snow falling, mistletoe,
Run outside, dad let’s go,
Hats and gloves, snow angel,
Off the sled, you might fall,

Christmas shows, on TV,
Same old songs, happily,
Never get, to old for,
Christmas time, I adore!

Christmas In Hospital, Hanging Rope, Quest For Views

Spend Christmas in hospital? Buy some rope to hang myself? Reach 10,000 views? One has happened, one is in the process of happening, and one will not happen. Don’t you love suspense? Now you will have to read my post to find out…

I went to the doctors today. The GP I usually see was away because of the Christmas holidays so instead I had to see a different one. After about 30 seconds of sitting in his office listening to what he had to say I decided that I hate him. I seem to do that to most people I talk to about my depression, I have a feeling most of them hate me too so I don’t feel bad about it. After choosing to pretend everything is fine (no mention of my suicidal thoughts or delusion of a bug in my hand) I can now say that I wont be spending Christmas in hospital, unless something really bad happens to me. Afterwards I bought some rope. 30 metres of it. Apparently it can hold way over 100kg, it could easily hold me. When these suicidal thoughts go I am going to hate myself for buying the rope, which will then make me want to kill myself again. I think I’m stuck in a crazy cycle.

Click here to read about me cutting an imaginary bug out of my hand.

In other news, I was thinking about not continuing my blog. Then I realised that this was another one of my depressed thoughts. I love writing my blog, it gives me a place to share my feelings. I will continue to write advice, poems and about my life for a while. I started my blog this month and already have a loyal following of at least two people (bipolarsojourner and kbailey374 – they comment on most of my posts, check the comments if you don’t believe me). I have already passed 500 views, and my post To Kill Or Not To Kill is on 99 views as I write this.

I didn't manage to get a selfie with Santa, so this drawing will have to do...

I didn’t manage to get a selfie with Santa, so this drawing will have to do…

Next year I want to achieve a lot. I have a blog post planned for this but I will just share a couple things now. Firstly, I have a petition in mind that I want to start, I have been discussing it with a few people recently and there are not many reasons to disprove of it (I’ll be glad to debate it once I post it next year). Secondly, I want to reach 10000 views which means I will be posting regularly next year. Thirdly, I am going to keep linking to the blogs of people who support my blog. I do this quite randomly and I don’t know if anyone notices, I don’t really care as long as everyone shares each other’s work.

Click here to read about a petition I have already supported, set up by a fellow blogger.

I’ve saved the happiest part until last. For those who celebrate it (most of my views are from USA and UK so probably a lot of you) I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I have scheduled a Christmas poem for tomorrow so you will find that in your email inbox if you follow this blog. I hope you all enjoy it, try to be happy for one day!