Suicidal, What To Do

Suicide Helplines:
UK and Ireland: Samaritans, 08457 90 90 90 (UK), 116 123 (Ireland)
USA and Canada: Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255
Australia: Lifeline, 13 11 14

I presume by you reading this page that you are suicidal. Don’t worry, I have been there. I don’t know your circumstances and I don’t know whether you have a mental health issue, I’m not a doctor and I can’t magically fix the worlds problems. But I’ve been suicidal too, I know what it feels like to have no hope, to feel like you are worthless and nobody cares. It is a horrible place to be in. Sometimes I just wait a while and the feeling disappears. Sometimes I talk to a friend who helps me see the positives. Sometimes I am just on my own, I walk to the park with my rope and look for a tree to hang myself. I’ve never actually done it though. I know that in a few days my suicidal feelings will go, my life will get better. Life is like a rollercoaster, and nobody stays at the bottom forever. There will be bad moments like this, but stay on the ride and you’ll get to the highs. You are not a coward for thinking about suicide, you are not weak for thinking about suicide, it just means that at this moment in time you are suffering and can’t see a way out besides suicide.

Make yourself a promise, wait 24 hours. In 24 hours your feelings might go and you will want to live. I can’t promise that will happen, like I said I don’t know your circumstances, but it is worth a try. In those 24 hours try to forget about all of your worries. Do something you enjoy, it’s time to be selfish. If this is going to be your last day, you may as well enjoy it. If the 24 hours go by and you still feel suicidal come back here and keep reading.

Okay, so after 24 hours you are still feeling suicidal. Now what? Sometimes you can’t see the positives on your own, have you tried talking to someone? Find a trusted friend or relative and have a chat with them. Tell them everything as long as you are comfortable with them knowing, you will find that unexpected people can help. Sometimes just talking about your problems will make you feel better. I had one time where I didn’t have a friend to talk to so I used a helpline. You can use one of the helplines mentioned above or contact me:

After all of this I would hope you are not considering suicide anymore. The helplines mentioned above can give you further advice on what to do. There are options such as getting away from dangerous objects, putting yourself in hospital (I know this will cost money in some countries), or going on a short holiday. In the end, the choice is yours and I respect your decision. I hope you don’t choose suicide. I know life can get better, you just have to keep fighting. I am always here to talk, and I will never judge you no matter what you are thinking.

If you think I am writing this randomly, I am not. I have been suicidal in the past and I will be in the future. I will look at this page during those times and hopefully I don’t pick that option. Stay strong!

4 thoughts on “Suicidal, What To Do

  1. “You are not a coward for thinking about suicide, you are not weak for thinking about suicide, it just means that at this moment in time you are suffering and can’t see a way out besides suicide.”

    Amen, Depressionless. Only those who are walking in these shoes will understand them. Thank you for stating is so clearly and perfectly.



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