[Guest Post] Don’t blame the Germanwings tragedy on Depression



Andreas Lubitz preferred flavor of ice cream was Strawberry.

That’s probably why he crashed that plane and killed himself along with 149 other people.

Ehhh no, that’s not why. But thank you dear Daily Mail for making us strawberry ice cream fans feel even more ostracized.

He also had brown hair.

Oh my fuck. You’re telling me he liked strawberry ice cream AND had brown hair? And they let him fly a plane? Why wasn’t he in an asylum? People who have brown hair and like strawberry ice cream can’t be trusted to get a haircut, let alone fly a plane.


Apparently he also had six toes.

Well now I’ve heard enough. Lock him up.

He’s dead.

Well lock all of them up!


All the depressed people in the world! Lock them all up because we cannot be sure they will not commit the same atrocity.

That’s not being insensitive. That’s saving lives.

What a load of tosh! I have barely been able to keep it together reading about this Germanwings tragedy. My knuckles have gone whiter than a virgin’s armpit at all the bullshit that is being spewed this week.

Don’t think me insensitive. I am far from it. I’m sad and grieving like the rest of Europe. But while everyone is farting on about Andreas Lubitz having Depression, no one is stating the obvious, which is that Depression doesn’t make you want to kill people. I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure flying planes into mountains is not normally considered a side effect of Depression.

What pisses me off is that these people don’t even know what Depression is!! If they did, they wouldn’t be so quick to vilify it.

There are over 350 million people suffering from Depression worldwide. A large majority probably have high powered jobs, and are in charge of hundreds of lives. Can we expect each and every single person to be demoted because they suffer from the most common mental illness under the sun? No. Should we ban them all from doing their jobs? Fuck no. Should we burn the world’s supply of lorazepam because Andreas Lubitz just happened to have a prescription? FUCK no.

It’s infuriating to see Depression being dragged through the mud like this. It already has a shit enough reputation as it is. Whenever there is no tangible answer to tragedy, the media basically throws a bunch of shit at the wall and the one that sticks in the lucky winner.

The lucky winner in this weeks media circus is Depression. It’s been out of the spotlight for a little while but now it’s back stronger than ever. Please welcome this week’s winner “DEPRESSION!”


I think we’re confusing psychopathy with Depression. Please let’s not blur those two. Psychopathy is the inability to experience empathy and remorse. It is characterized by bold and anti-social behavior. Depression is mental illness marked by feelings of hopelessness, sorrow and listlessness. It’s also fucking exhausting.

At my lowest, I’d have to choose between brushing my teeth or showing. I physically could not do both. If you had asked me to fly a plane, I think I would have gone into catatonic shock.

The truth is, the behavior displayed by Andreas Lubitz is completely out of character for someone with Depression. People with Depression are more likely to harm themselves than others. In fact, the Guardian reported that individuals suffering from mental illnesses are much more likely to fall victim of murder than the general public.

I’m sick and tired of defending Depression. Why doesn’t the media look out their fucking window for a change? Half the world is suffering from Depression. And because of one tragic incident all of us are now no longer trusted with a pair of scissors?

Enough. Fucking enough. I have Depression. So does half the fucking world. So far only one person has crashed a plane into a mountain. Stop behaving as if we’re all at risk of becoming mass murderers. We’re not. We’re normal people. We have a disease. Stop blaming this on Depression.

Todays post is a guest post from the amazing writer Depression Darling. I have mentioned her blog a few times on my blog (and given her every possible award I can), and from reading through this I am sure you can see why, it is certainly a different style to what I do. If you would like to see more of her posts I recommend you check out her blog by clicking here, you won’t regret it.


10 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Don’t blame the Germanwings tragedy on Depression

  1. I agree that depression doesn’t make you want to harm others, only yourself. Too bad that Depression finally gets a global news audience and THIS is what they’re talking about?


  2. Sorry, although I haven’t been listening to the public dialog, I must say that there are certain professions that should provide a paid disability for periods of active depression. This would include pilots, surgeons, anything that places the very survival of human life in another human’s hands. I’ve experienced depression in a variety of ways and I do recall suicidal episodes that I contemplated scenarios that would have taken out an innocent bystander or two. There’s no way of knowing what the cause was in this particular situation, but the possibility isn’t imaginary. Depression can cause serious apathy and desperate behavior. If you haven’t personally experienced this side of depression, be thankful, it is ugly.


  3. I get what you’re saying, that depression isn’t the cause of this plane crash, but depression is a factor, everything in that pilot’s life is a factor. I’m oversimplifying it here, but maybe he was so down and depressed, that he just didn’t care anymore, that he was at the end of his proverbial rope, we’ve all been there from time to time. I know I get suicidal often, but I’m not the kind of person that could ever do anything about it (I don’t know why, maybe it would be easier for me if I could), i just wallow in it.


  4. Media is about selling. It has never been about the truth. While not surprising that media would use hype, it is so disgusting that depression is being used as the cause of this. This man did a terrible thing. He is a murderer. Depression did not cause this plane to crash.

    The more that comes out, the more it is apparent that this was premeditated and planned out. How many depressed people would be capable to doing something this heinous. Probably pretty close to zero.


  5. Thank you for this guest post, I agree, she got it right. I really liked your ‘uncensored’ language, it makes your point clearer.

    I do understand that media push the mental health factor: it sells and of course, there’s to some extent some truth in it. Emphasis is on “some extend”. Depression (though every patient is different) doesn’t normally include extended suicides. And if, I bet it’s more common killing your own family than people you don’t know.


  6. Hi! I love your blog. Very insightful. I just wanted to check to see if you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge. You’re on the sign-up list and maybe I’m missing the posts somewhere here? No big deal if you aren’t–we’re just cleaning up the list.


    • I am, before this post I have the A, B, C and D posts. I couldn’t do E yesterday because I spent two hours yesterday talking a friend out of suicide, which I thought would be more important than my blog 🙂 I’m going to write about it today for F (friendship) if you are interested.


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