Don’t Worry Guys, Sorry To Scare You!

My last post was a week and a half ago and I talked about my suicidal thoughts and feelings. I think I may have scared some of my readers, but I am fine now. Thanks for being so concerned for me, I promise I’ll keep you better informed next time.

I was struggling with my suicidal thoughts not long ago. I will give you more details in a few posts over the next few days but I stabbed myself, ended up in hospital and had to stay there for a while. I was unable to post while in hospital so could not inform my lovely readers. On getting out I was feeling better but still struggling with my suicidal thoughts, my mind wasn’t working right and I completely forgot loads of things. I didn’t post here, I haven’t been to college, lots of things went wrong. I also discovered some things about my family and my friendships which impacted my mood, making me even more depressed. I have been struggling a lot in the past 2 weeks. I will share it with you guys starting tomorrow, there is lots to talk about. It could be a post series, maybe the “Battling My Suicidal Thoughts” series. Seriously, there is a lot, I could probably write a novel with everything that has happened.

Thanks for all the comments while I was away, I feel bad for not telling you guys, but my mind wasn’t in the right place. I’ll probably go through each comment tomorrow and thank everyone, it means a lot to have these people who care. This is Depressionless, signing out!


13 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Guys, Sorry To Scare You!

  1. I have struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past. They can be scary. We both know that having these thoughts does not mean you are crazy. We both know that it is all right to have crazy thoughts and that this, by itself, does not mean you are crazy. It is when we act on these thoughts that determines whether we are crazy or not.

    I used to fight these thoughts. For whatever reason, when stopped fighting them, my mind got quieter.

    Sometimes, concentrating on oneself may not be helpful. I think we can concentrate on ourselves too much. I know that I do and that becomes a trap.

    I know, in my case, that balance is critical. Having friends and family is critical. Trying not to be alone and being active is critical. Sometimes, physical activity is better than the mental activity. And you help somebody, that simple smile from someone else can make a difference.


  2. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    (Literally that’s all that went through my mind just now. šŸ™‚ )


  3. your struggles must suck. not only that, i can only imagine they are hard on you. i for one and glad you are still with us. the next time the thought runs through your head that no one cares about you please remember your rabid blog fans who can about you deeply. please stick with us.

    it concerns me the increase in intensity i’ve seen in the time i’ve know you. first suicidal thoughts, then cutting, followed by an attempted do, and now a stabbing. my hope is that you can get the new you need to get on top of your current struggles.

    stay save.


  4. I am SO glad to see you back and posting. I can totally understand not being in the right place to post. When we get in the mind set, like you are dealing with, sometimes we just need to step away for a bit. I will say that you had a lot of us really worried about you. Maybe next time if you write a post like the suicidal one, you could just type a sentence, “I’m OK.” And then take some space. Just so we know you are OK. Just an idea.

    I am glad you are back with us and look forward to hearing what you have and are going through, Take your time and don’t feel like you have to write it all at once. You still may be processing some of it.

    Hang in there! You have a bunch of people here in the blog world who really care about you!!!



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