How To Cover Self-Harm Scars

If you have self-harmed in the past there is a chance that you will have scars to remind you, but you might not want others to know of your past, or you may still have more recent cuts. How do you hide these cuts? The weather in the UK picked up for a few days and it is tradition in the UK that whenever the temperature is above freezing the men will walk around topless and everyone will plan a barbeque… not quite. But how can you cover your scars, especially with the warmer weather arriving? In this article we will look at five ways to help cover cuts or scars.

Do it in style guys...

Do it in style guys…

Long Trousers or Long-Sleeve Shirts
Common areas that people will self-harm are on their arms and thighs which can be hard to cover up in warmer weather without raising suspicion. If you have cuts on your thighs you could wear trousers or shorts that are long enough to cover all scars (basically shorts that go past the knees). A handy piece of advice is that you can wear jeans in almost any situation without raising suspicion. If you have cuts on your arms you can wear a thin long-sleeve shirt so that your arms are covered without getting too hot. A thick jacket in the middle of July will obviously make people ask questions, so be clever about what you wear, try to fit into the crowd if you don’t want too many people asking questions.

I am one of those guys who knows absolutely nothing about make-up. People wear nail varnish on their nails, that’s about it! One of the most talked about methods to hide scars is to apply make-up over the scars, which works better on lighter scars that are already a similar colour to your skin. If you are going to the beach or a pool party you might need to be careful about this method as you won’t want to make-up washing off. You can buy waterproof make-up (so I’m told).

Look like a martial arts expert... or not!

Look like a martial arts expert… or not!

The Bandage
Honestly, I would recommend this to anyone who lives in a colder country that doesn’t get a lot of hot weather. If you have a strange week of hot weather where you really want to wear a t-shirt and shorts, put a bandage over the area where you cut and say you have injured yourself. Falling down the stairs or falling when exercising are common ways to injure yourself, please don’t actually do this, but it can be your excuse. Keeping this method up for too long, such as a month or two, may get people asking you more questions so be wary. You could use this method in between spells of using the long-sleeve shirt method to lower suspicion on both.

Special Oils
For anyone who wants to start preparing now for the summer, keep reading. There are products such as BioOil which help reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Many people I have spoke to about self-harming have had wonders with this method for reducing their scars, and they say it has the most effect the earlier you start applying to oil. Be aware that some oils cannot be used while you are still self-harming as they may effect your wound.

Just Accept Them
Some scars will stay with you for the rest of your life, you can’t expect to be covering them up for another 60 years. At some point you will have to accept that you have gone through a difficult part of your life, but you made it out! Some people do not understand self-harming and will make assumptions about you, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. If someone has a problem with your scars, that is their problem, don’t let them get in the way of your happiness.

Now hopefully you know how you are going to hide, or not hide, your self-harm scars. These are all common methods that wont raise suspicion, but be aware that people may ask you strange questions from time to time although that doesn’t mean they know about your self-harming. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need to self-harm, but we all have our ways of coping. Do you have any other methods to hide your scars? Or do you have a story about one of the methods above? You know the drill, share below.


3 thoughts on “How To Cover Self-Harm Scars

  1. So I have some scars on my left lower arm, but they aren’t as noticeable as the ones on my left upper arm. The ones on the upper arm were a lot deeper so the scars are bigger and more noticeable. I have been very self conscious of the ones on my upper arm. I always wanted a shirt that had sleeves to cover them (no tank tops, or short short-sleeved shirts). A lot of short sleeved dress shirts have the shorter sleeves and they don’t quite cover them all the way. About a year or two ago, I had gotten a couple shirts with shorter sleeves and wore them but was still self conscious about the scars. Then I got this job as the shirts for our uniform, have the shorter sleeves. If I am just standing there, it covers most of the scars, but if I stretch my arm out, the scars will show. I am getting used to it mostly and am not quite as self-conscious about it. Thankfully I am a caregiver at an assisted living facility and I think most of the residents don’t see that well to notice them. None of my coworkers have said anything yet. My pastor said that if someone asks me about them (I was really concerned about this), that I can say I was a troubled teen. This is true! If they ask more questions after that, I can choose what I want to tell them. If it’s someone I don’t trust and don’t want to go into details, I can say, I don’t feel comfortable talking about it. If it’s someone I do trust I can tell them or say, I wouldn’t mind talking to you about that but lets go get a cup of coffee sometime and talk. And then if I do tell them, I can tell them to please keep it between us as I don’t feel comfortable if everyone at work knows. Sometimes I wonder if any of my coworkers have noticed the scars and what they think, but I try to keep my life mostly private at work. This is new to me as in the past I told a lot of my business to my coworkers. So now, is trying to figure where that fine line is. Anyway, that is my experience with scars.

    Thanks for reading!

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  2. Whether they are physical or emotional scars; I guess they are similar. There may be shame. However, it is what is inside that is important. That, perhaps, is your spirit. You are here now and in the present. When written, your experiences are what will help. Writing and talking about them, you are helping yourself. As you do this, your spirit grows. The writing is graceful and that is important.

    We seem to be infatuated by how we look, the dress, and so forth. Because of that, much of this world is full of nonsense. When move into real things like ones integrity, friendship, and, perhaps, love, these scars do not matter. We all have them.

    Thank you for writing.

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  3. It has been warmer here in the UK recently, hasn’t it? (Although I’m up in Scotland, so my “warm” and everyone else’s “warm”… haha!) I usually cover up fresh/healing wounds with long shirts, and otherwise just let my scars be seen if I’m wearing a short shirt. I have days where I see them and I’m glad, I’m happy I survived, I remember my bleakest time and thank God I’m not there now. Obviously other times I see them and hate them and feel ashamed; sometimes even then I’ll still wear a short shirt. Tbh, if I don’t have any recent wounds, I dress for the weather/my own temperature and don’t usually care much beyond that. My scars are pretty noticeable and it’s pretty obvious what caused them. Maybe that’s why no one ever really says anything, thank God! It’s pretty rude to ask what caused any scars anyway, even if it doesn’t “look like” self-harm. Part of the problem with letting mine be seen often is it can be telltale to others when I suddenly start wearing long sleeves for a time, but my body temperature’s all over the place with my health issues that they don’t necessarily jump to conclusions (or if they do, they don’t tell me, anyway!)



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