10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Me

So I read a post by a fellow blogger, ByLaurenHayley, today about 10 reasons why blogging is good for her. When I read the title of her post I started thinking to myself about how blogging has helped me. I could only think of about 2 reasons at the time but I’ve managed to get 10 reasons, so I thought I would share them all with my amazing readers! Here goes…

1) Everything Makes More Sense
It makes more sense, but still doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can kind of understand some of the things that are making me depressed, even though I had thought about them when my depression started. What originally started my depression is still a mystery, but when I write about my troubles I realise things about my life that I never knew. This is why I encourage everyone to write blogs.

2) I Know I’ve Helped People, Wow!
I won’t reveal this persons identity but once after writing a post about me contacting Samaritans helpline I received a message from someone saying they were suicidal and they wanted to know how to talk to Samaritans. I will never know what would have happened to them if I didn’t reply but I did, we talked about some stuff and later they told me they spoke to Samaritans and it helped them. I’m sure this meant a lot to both of us. Sometimes I wonder who else I have helped.

3) I Know I Have People That Care About Me
Yes, I tend to talk about this frequently on my blog. Oh my parents don’t care, oh my friend doesn’t care, oh my counsellor doesn’t care. I’ll be honest and say I can’t really tell who cares about me in my life (although my friend started texting me again last night) but I know that if I write a post on my blog there will always be someone to reply who cares about me. Thanks guys!

4) It Gives Me A Reason To Wake Up In The Morning
That’s what depression does to you, it tries to pin you down in your home and stop you from ever doing anything again. When we have depression we need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, even if it’s to grab our laptop and write a post.

5) All The Poems I Read…
I follow quite a few poetry blogs, and some totally random ones too, and the talent some people on here have is amazing. I did not read much poetry before starting my blog but I was a big fan of rap so checking out some blogs to see the creative metaphors and rhymes people use was going to be something I would do. I’m glad I have, it’s opened my eyes to some different things.

6) …And I Can Share My Own Too!
I do get people telling me my poems are good. I’m not sure whether everyone is being kind because I can go crazy or whether they actually are great. Either way, I still feel better about myself when I share them with my readers. If I didn’t have a blog no one would ever see my poems (except for one I sent to my friend, and one I had published in a school book).

7) I Learn About Mental Illnesses
I’m no expert on mental illness, I don’t claim to be. I had never heard of borderline personality disorder before I started blogging, I didn’t realise how many people actually suffered from depression, I didn’t know people used ice to stop cutting themselves. I would class myself as intelligent (compared to my friends at least) but there are some things you can’t understand until you’ve spoken to people and experienced it. Blogging has taught me so much about mental illness, from both writing my own blog and reading others.

8) All Those Times I’ve Been Suicidal
There are so many times I’ve almost killed myself (I’m crying to myself now, not sure why), and there have been many times I’ve shared my thoughts on my blog. Whenever this happens all of my readers wake up as the “Depressionless needs a submarine hug” sirens come on. I guess this could fit under point 3 but it is safe to say my readers have probably kept me alive at least one of those times.

9) My Writing Has Improved
I think it has, well, I write differently. Maybe it is because blogging is a different style of writing that I am not used to but how I write now appears to be more relaxed than when I started. Did I just make this up? Possibly, but that’s how I feel. Maybe I feel more relaxed. I’m talking to myself again.

10) I Don’t Know, I Just Love It
I could quit blogging whenever I wanted, but I wont. Why? I love it!


9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Me

  1. Hi, I too suffer from depression and have done for quite a few years. I talk about it on my blog sometimes but you know what, I have found less and less need to as time has gone on.

    Writing about your own feelings and your depression is a great way to come to terms with your illness and to help mange it. The sense of purpose and focus that blogging gives you is a great release. For me it has also lead to other things (writing professionally) maybe it will for you too.

    If you ever feel the need to talk I would be happy to talk privately.

    Take care and be kind to yourself πŸ™‚


  2. Hello there my fellow depressie! Haha! I understand your points especially the part where we improve in our writings. And i really like when readers comments as well in my post and creating discussions. Its a good thing this is a part of the internet where trolls have not yet tainted and because of that we receive senseful comments and good friends or fellow writers! Haha! Hope to read another of your freshly done blogs. πŸ™‚


  3. this side, i thought it would empty the old brain of all it’s angst, or allow me some focus. focus yes, but far too many times i find myself delving deeper & deeper into a ocean of thoughts that i wish weren’t there. its an odd process writing to strangers. but some seem to ‘like’ what we write. weird. take care.


  4. It is serendipitous how writing helps clean up what is up in the head. It helps to put it down. You get better by doing this. The story is picked up others. There are similirities. Yes, it helps both the writer and the reader. It is the story that gets us out. It is that simple. Nothing complex. No external drugs, therapy, so and so forth. Just simple writing.


  5. Siouxsie says:


    Still think about you almost every day, wishing you joy in your life. Am sure your time will come. Until then – keep writing!


  6. N says:

    Writing really is an amazing form of therapy. I know I’ve learned a lot about myself just from rereading my own diary. I hope you continue to get so much out of blogging!


  7. Blogging has been a really great outlet for me as well. I have always had a difficult time processing my thoughts and emotions. I have found that taking the time to really think about my feelings and organize them in a logical manner as been very insightful and beneficial for me. Also, with blogging there is always the possibility of making new “friends” that may also understand what I am going through. Or just friends in general.


  8. I am finding too that blogging is a great resource for figuring my thoughts out and getting them down in writing. The ideas I come up with are more realistic and tangible when written down, it helps me move closer to the success I am looking for. Thank you for your post, its given me some hope that as I continue to blog I will find good reasons to do it!


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