Inside My Book Of Rhymes

My readers know I love poetry. My mood often influences my poetry greatly from my depressed rhymes about cutting and suicide to my excited on-the-edge political verses. Although I often publish unedited poems on my blog, almost all will follow the theme of depression or mental illness. As I ay have mentioned before I carry my book of rhymes with me, so I thought I would share some random rhymes that have come to me in the past. I do not make notes on them so some may have been written months ago and I may not have been completely sane when writing them so do not expect normalness, if that is a word…

“Hey, how are you today”
“Not bad, what about you”
Clearer than the sky to see there’s dismay
Hope this chat doesn’t blow too

“So what you been up to recently”
“Oh just mountains of school work to complete”
Really her little brother who was only just three
Has now been scarred from head to feet

“Did you catch the latest episode of One Man Grenade”
“Oh I think it was really great”
The only thing she watched was the military parade
Then its lights off at quarter to eight

I can tell by the way I wrote this that it was written roughly a year ago, just look at the mess of syllables! Some of my readers will be thinking what am I on about, but I can see it. The scribbles in my notebook suggest I was going to write a well-crafted poem but I must have given up, I don’t know why. It looks like it could have been very clever. For those wondering (any stalker-like readers may remember) I do have a friend who lives in the Middle East which this is based on, fortunately her brother has not been hurt, it is just part of the story!

I don’t want to epitomise the devil
Nor be your knight in shining armour
I can’t even sit here and revel
So this is what they call karma

I honestly can’t remember what I wrote this about, it sounds like I upset a girl though… which doesn’t sound like me at all. I don’t know what I would be sitting and revelling about, and “epitomise” is not a word I would normally use. This rhyme is making me want to create a whole poem from it, so if you see me use the word “epitomise” in a few days you know what I have been doing.

I hear you play your guitar melody
Sense the young wisdom that flows out your mind
Hope to learn how you became heavenly
As well as your faith on love and mankind

This is why I don’t write love poems. Young wisdom? I have never heard that to be a compliment before. The rest of it looks quite good though, and it would make even more sense if you knew who I was writing about. I think I will leave this one here…

We got politicians setting up their religious business
And see they got prophets flying through the roof
It’s all sick and nun on their shoes

Oh man! Politics! We should steer clear of the meaning behind this one. For those wondering, this is actually some rap rhymes instead of poetry I would normally publish on my blog. Prophets through the roof, nun on their shoes, see the clever word play? I remember writing this as I walked through the park, it is not a political park or anything, I guess that is what I think about. When I look through my rhymes I realise how much I hate my own writing, I think I am too critical. I do particularly hate the choice of words in the first line though.

I don’t believe in God but I believe in the devil
Cus you see in terms of evil I’m on the same level
He traps rapists and murderers for eternal damnation
While I batter thug kids for my own recreation

Another rap rhyme! I like the flow of this one, which is important for my raps. There is quite a bit of meaning behind this too. Who is more evil, the man who locks up rapist and murderers, or the man who fights other troubled men? I don’t really know, do you? If I was to seriously use this I would need a stronger word than “batter” too, have Americans even heard this word used before? Do my British readers even know of the word? I’m not sure if it is slang or normal.

Shot by my own ambition

This line stands on its own in my book of rhymes, and I thought it would be a good one to leave on. Shot by my own ambition… it was meant to go in a rap about suicide, but I never finished the rap. You may have guessed by now that I don’t finish a lot of my poems or raps, but I guess that is who I am. I am unfinished work, I am still being written.

So, lovely readers, you have entered my mind through this post. You have seen some unedited work on topics I don’t normally talk about on my blog, I hope you have learnt something about me from this. If you haven’t, you should learn to analysis poorly written poetry by teenagers! Poorly written? I meant amazing! Yeah, I’ve told enough jokes for today. Why don’t you share a rhyme with me? I would love to hear what my readers can come up with off the top of their heads, or from their book of rhymes…


3 thoughts on “Inside My Book Of Rhymes

  1. Hey, how’s tricks? Nice array of poetic thoughts, up there. A few points:

    Normalcy or normality might be the words you were looking for, when you used “normalness”.

    Batter, on the other hand, is most definitely a proper word, and used on both sides of the Atlantic; and you won’t find a much stronger word, I think. “Battered Wife Syndrome”, for example, often refers to spouses who have been so badly abused and for so long, that they have a psychotic break. If you claim to be battering thugs for recreation, you’ve conveyed a sense of badly beating miscreants to the point that they suffer severe physical harm, AND that you’ve delighted in doing so, which paints a nice image of intentional, gleeful cruelty. For the impact of that, you get full marks, and I wouldn’t change it a bit.

    A rhyme from me? Oh, alright then. Let’s see what I can come up with, off-the-cuff, as it were.

    A selection of works, a little light reading;
    Nice when you find one, but tricky because
    A poet won’t write just to drown out your pleading
    And depressionless is as depressionless does.

    A bit intentionally ambiguous. One more stanza?

    By which I mean doing is better than thinking,
    And doing a good thing is better again,
    And writing’s not good if it’s just mindless inking,
    And “light” is no word for depressed poets’ pens.

    This is a fun game πŸ™‚ Thanks for inviting us all to play it.


    • I like your poem, it sounds nice in my head (I wouldn’t make a good critic, haha).

      I’ve only really heard the word batter in this sense when I was younger, all the kids would batter each other. The only time I hear the word now is when we are talking about fish fingers. πŸ™‚ It might be the area I’m from or the people I speak to though.

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  2. Sorry I haven’t been around much πŸ™‚ You know how it is… things pile up, and you struggle to find the time to do the things that appeal to you.

    I promise, batter is a great word to evoke a sense of physical violence. Admittedly, it does get used as slang, as well (I live in the Northeast–you?) but even so, you’re golden.

    Thanks for the compliment on my poem. I usually manage to write things with a fairly jaunty/pacey rhythm (which is what makes it sound good) πŸ™‚ Playing around with the number of syllables in each line, and experimenting by reading the different versions aloud, is a good way to get a feel for how you want your poems to sound.


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