Rhymes and Art and Pages, Oh My!

I can sum this whole update up in one short list; book of rhymes, mental health art auction, pages, poetry, classiness. Yeah, you should be interested now. Read below to find out on everything from helping charities to my attempts of blog positivity!

Book of Rhymes
I’m probably not actually going to call it Book of Rhymes… But yeah, I am writing some poems to create a book! I’m not dedicating time to this as I write better when I let the thoughts come to me instead of forcing myself to write something, which is why I am carrying my “Book of Rhymes” (a notepad) with me wherever I go. I doubt I will get it published into a book, which ruins one of my blogging resolutions, since I have no work published before but I will at least create some sort of ebook, which would be a lot cheaper for everyone (maybe free, I don’t know). Stay tuned!

The Mental Health Art Auction
You all need to go and check this out right now, and sign up. The great blog ByLaurenHayley is doing an art auction in August to raise awareness of mental health, and raise money for mental health charities in various countries. Her own words are “the auction was going to just feature the one piece of art that I am creating, however – as more and more bloggers come on board, offers of donations are rolling in and therefore it looks like the auction may be much bigger than we originally anticipated” so lets get as many people involved as possible. Click here to go to her latest post about the auction.

More Pages
My “Suicidal, What To Do” page has received quite a lot of views since I created it which hopefully means it has helped some people out. I have just created another page with suicidal helplines for various countries across the world, mostly from countries that visit by blog a lot at the moment. So if you need to give someone a helpline number it will hopefully be on this page, or you can just link them the whole page! I will be adding a few more pages to this site soon, possibly some related to general mental health advice. If you want to suggest anything feel free, but otherwise keep a look out.

Sick of Poetry?
I’m not! I missed poetry out of my blog for a couple of weeks but I’ll be rolling it back in as I feel it is the best way I can make this blog more positive. My suicidal thoughts and feelings have dominated the posts over the past few weeks but they seem to be clearing (lets hope so anyway). Blog positivity incoming!

Anything Else?
Yeah… stay classy!


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