“Suicidal, What To Do” and “Mental Illness And Me Project”

My site now includes the “Suicide, What To Do” and “Mental Illness And Me Project” pages. Yes, I want my readers to take part in a project! And yes, I have set up a page to help myself and others when the suicidal thoughts come because you can do with all the help you can get.

Mental Illness And Me Project
What is it? Well, many of my readers like writing, and writing is a great way to show the truth. I thought to myself, why don’t I create a hub of stories to do with mental illnesses and how they affect people involved. I want people (anyone) to write a story about their mental illness, and I will create a long list of these stories so that if someone wants to find out about these mental illnesses they can. Looking at a list of symptoms is good, but symptoms are just symptoms. They don’t show how it can affect your life in the way stories can. I don’t know how good this project will be, but if lots of people get involved it should be good. If you want more info or want to get involved, check out the Mental Illness And Me Project page or send me a message through my contact page. More info is coming!

Suicidal, What To Do
I wrote this mainly for myself so I can remember what to do when I’m suicidal instead of going out to the park with my rope. Anyone can look at it though (there isn’t really anything personal, I am going to write a personal to keep with me). There are some suicide helpline links for the countries where most of my readers come from (UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia) as well as a short information/story thing to read that will hopefully convince you to not commit suicide. If anyone thinks anything should be changed please let me know, suicide is a complicated subject but it is something we need to talk about, and we must respect everyone’s decision. Click to view the page.

More Coming Soon…
I want to write more helpful posts. I have touched on panic attacks and self-harm in the past which were both popular posts, and I want to write more. If anyone wants a specific subject let me know (I write these types of posts for my readers) and I’ll write what I know, and possibly do some research. I can also ask my counsellor or GP as I see both of them next week, although I can’t ask them about menstrual cycles for obvious reasons! The sidebar will also get an update so that it includes more helpful information. That’s all for today, goodbye!


5 thoughts on ““Suicidal, What To Do” and “Mental Illness And Me Project”

  1. Nice pages! The suicidal, what to do page is especially relevant for me at the minute (not sure I should be typing that out loud!?). Anyway, great plans, I think they have the potential to help many people.


  2. Depressionless, you are great! Do you know that? As you struggle so hard, you take the time to reach out to help others. That is true character. Remind yourself that you are kind and VALUABLE! Not only are your ideas fine, I am greatly relieved to know you are still here 🙂


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