The Anti-Depression Mystic Flowing Through The Air

Before I started to suffer from depression I would dream of the many things I would do when I was older; speak various languages, become famous, fall in love, run marathons, travel the world (with the person I fall in love with). Now that I suffer from depression I often feel like I will never achieve those things, although I will sometimes get a random boost of energy which makes me do random things. Depressed people don’t stay depressed for every second of every day, and believe it or not we do regular activities. Here are some of the things I do when I get the anti-depression mystic energy.

Go For Walks – To Nowhere
I went for walks before I was depressed, not very often I will admit, but they usually had a purpose. While I have had depression I have sometimes just left the house to go for a walk. This helps me clear my mind and focus on the thoughts I need to focus on, but also give me fresh air to feel better. I can’t go for walks while I am suffering from my severe episodes of depression, but I can when it feels moderate or mild. You should try this too!

I took this picture on one of my walks, just for my readers.

I took this picture on one of my walks, just for my readers.

Learn Spanish (and Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew…)
I started learning Spanish a couple of months before I started to feel depressed. I love the culture of the Caribbean, and I feel that if I know both English and Spanish I will be able to explore the culture greatly when I’m older. My depression has stopped me learning Spanish every day, but I still try to keep up with it. However before I started to learn Spanish, I wanted to learn Mandarin. I cannot speak Mandarin but I know basic phrases, and I have a pocketbook to look at if I ever want to embarrass myself in front of natives. Arabic and Hebrew? One of my friends speaks Arabic, one of my friends speaks Hebrew, I would love to learn these languages just to speak to them in their own languages.

Write My Book
I just made this saying up right now; when I’m sad I write my book, when I’m depressed I write my blog. I don’t see that becoming a famous quote used by scholars for the next five centuries, but it explains how I feel. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but it is hard when you have no experiences to write about. My depression has now given me experiences to write about, and I am writing a fiction book with a depressed character in it (oh, I can’t spoil everything for you yet).

I dream of a brighter future...

I dream of a brighter future…

Dream Of A Successful Blog
I do need that mystic anti-depression energy to do this. I always imagine my blog being very successful, helping thousands of people and getting thousands of views every day. I guess that’s why I post on here so often. There is nothing wrong with a dream, right?

Well, that energy allows me to still do things I used to enjoy before I was depressed. My point is that even if you are depressed, there will always be a few times when you can enjoy yourself and be happy. Depression doesn’t make you sad forever, so don’t allow yourself to be. I know I’m not the only one so when you get that anti-depression mystic energy, what do you do?


14 thoughts on “The Anti-Depression Mystic Flowing Through The Air

  1. My passion is learning. I’m studying more than ten languages and this is my “go to” activity whenever I have the spoons. As well as my health blog, I do have a language one that gets somewhat neglected!

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    • Or I work on my novel. I’m currently just finishing up my second. Losing myself in my protagonist’s awful circumstances is a perverse comfort. So we have a few go to things in common 🙂


      • Second novel? What is your first one about (and what’s it called)?
        And studying more than ten languages sounds pretty hard, especially if you can speak pretty well in all of them, I can’t imagine speaking ten different languages…


  2. when you get that anti-depression mystic energy, what do you do?
    This is a great phrase that you have coined here. “Anti-depression mystic energy. ” Yes I do understand what you are talking about. When I have that energy, I write my blog, make a you tube video and create activities for the dementia clients I care for (art or music activity)


    • My dad loves Bob Marley and used to play a song called Natural Mystic, it had a line “there’s a natural mystic blowing through the air” which I just remembered randomly and changed to my anti-depression version. Don’t expect me to start singing though 🙂
      They are some great things, what is your youtube channel?


  3. I have had and continue to have dreams of having that “killer” blog or, perhaps, the book that will remarkably help others. But, I think the main point is what the writing does for you. I say for me that it helps to clear out the mess upstairs. Writers and readers help themselves by the story.


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