Paper Hats and Shameful Jokes

As promised, a special Christmas poem for all of my readers. I must admit my blog can get depressing at times but this will definitely cheer everyone up. I hope your Christmas is going great for those who celebrate it, mine is going better than expected (which doesn’t mean perfect – I won’t talk about it today – remember guys, stay happy)! I will end up rambling on if I don’t give you to poem, so here you go…

Paper Hats and Shameful Jokes
Eight o’clock, time to rise,
Run downstairs, big surprise,
Large presents, Christmas tree,
Open up, it will be?

Paper hats, shameful jokes,
Turkey cut, cheerful blokes,
Crackers set, wine glass full,
Family round, now we pull,

Snow falling, mistletoe,
Run outside, dad let’s go,
Hats and gloves, snow angel,
Off the sled, you might fall,

Christmas shows, on TV,
Same old songs, happily,
Never get, to old for,
Christmas time, I adore!


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