Summer Ends But You’re As Warm As Ever

Depressing post or happy post? As I write it I have no idea, I’m even sure whether my poem is depressing or happy. My past few days have been up and down (and so the college counsellor keeps telling me), I am struggling to not self-harm, I also find it difficult sometimes to go the college and stay there for the whole day. I just walked out in the morning yesterday, but today I did manage to stay all day. It definitely doesn’t help when people start to question your absence, I haven’t thought of my excuse properly yet, I just say I’m ill. I guess that’s what everyone does, right? Fake smiling throughout the day makes everything more believable too. There was only one good reason to smile today, but even that didn’t end as I hoped…

Summer Ends But You’re As Warm As Ever
Summer ends but you’re as warm as ever
Glowing greater than a thousand fireflies
And for you beauty is no endeavour
Gentle radiant hair is no surprise

Sunflowers turn to have a second glance
Admiration of nature, beautiful
Great macaws sing to have a single chance
To hear an angels voice soft and youthful

But when you walk past my heart breaks to two
Am I now your old ghost of Christmas past
The seconds we spent were all far and few
Can we try again, this time make it last

I wish I could stop a moment of time
And whisper three words to make you all mine

They might never know how I feel about them, even after my many failed attempts to get the words out of my mouth. “My weekend was alright” is not how I feel about them, and neither is “ahh, so you have a test”. One day, maybe…


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