Does It Hurt You To Stab Me In The Back?

I was partially inspired to write this by something which happened to me very recently where the police ended up coming to my house (they took my knife and made me see a doctor), but my normal life inspired me as well. This writing thing has already made me happier, and we are only on day three! Although, when I’m not writing I am still struggling, I’m looking for new ways to self-harm now. You might want to read over this one again to see if you can figure out what I was writing about, I will tell you now it is not a person. Bonus points to anyone who guesses it right in the comments.

Does It Hurt You To Stab Me In The Back?
Shine brighter than heavenly stars at night
By my side whenever I come calling
The rescuer in every painful fight
Pick me up when it seems I am falling

Relieve the tension that builds through the day
Without you it blossoms out of control
We can get through hate, suffering, dismay
Wrap me up when it quietly unfolds

Healing me at times to comfort my cuts
Your smooth touch like silk against my scarred skin
Open me up and peak at my secrets
Helping to unleash what I hold within

And now that we have been through all of that
Does it hurt you to stab me in the back?


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