I’ve Already Checked

I spent a lot of my day today looking up methods of suicide on the internet, and thinking about which of these I could do in my room while nobody is around. After a while I stopped and thought to myself, why am I looking? Why do I actually want to die?

I’ve Already Checked
I’ve already checked,
My window is definitely too small,
To allow an accidental fall,

I’ve already checked,
The officer removed my blade,
When I assisted in his raid,

I’ve already checked,
I can’t hang myself with string,
I’m dead certain it’s too thin,

I’ve already checked,
Either an overdose will go wrong,
Or I’ll be discovered before long,

I’ve already checked,
The plastic bag will get torn,
So it’s depressing to have worn,

I’ve already checked,
And I can’t find the pill,
They use for an instant kill,

I’ve already checked,
And I don’t see why I should try,
If I’ve already forgotten why I should die.


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